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All artwork, designs, and stories copyright © 2018 Dawne Stantien. Feel free to contact me via email at Dawne.Stantien@gmail.com


The fall of Earth

A new Horizon

A quest for self

First Contact

A journey of discovery

And finally, a home

Novellas / Short Stories

A pulse of life, stolen

A frightened populace

The adventure of a lifetime

Row row row your boat

Across the Sea of Stars

Life is just a dream...

Ignoring the past

Only spreads the disease

Far into the future

In the darkness between seconds

An evil waits and writhes

and whispers, and whispers

and whispers

Comics / Graphic Novels

A harpy, a naga, and a demon

Living together, doing their best

One day at a time

On the shores of another sea

He sits there, gazing wistfully

Pondering stories, lovingly


Love can transcend even planes of existence, if given the chance

Children's Books