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All artwork, designs, and stories copyright © 2018 Dawne Stantien. Feel free to contact me via email at Dawne.Stantien@gmail.com



A people characterized by a species wide obsession with technology

Galactic Standing


Space Farer

Type VII civilization

Stellar Age

Home Planet



Haughty, reserved

Notable Individuals

Brekson Karr

Tazzik Crankwhistle

The slyfthys are a species seemingly obsessed with the advancement of technology. They revere technology and machines in almost a fanatical manner, and tend to augment their bodies throughout their lives with cybernetics. A young slyfthys isn't considered an adult until they've had their first prosthetic upgrade.


Originally arboreal creatures superficially resembling pterosaurs, the slyfthys are hexapodal entities with a fully functional set of hands on each limb. The second set of limbs have lost their original purpose as wings and now serve as walking limbs, giving them a curious centaur-esque gait. Slyfthys skin colour ranges from solid, pastel colours to simple patterns, and their long pronged beaks are capable of a wide range of sounds.


Ruled by an unseen court of elders, slyfthys society centres heavily around bodily modifications, with heavily augmented individuals seen as more 'pure'. On a societal basis, the species is ruled by the pursuit of perfection in augmentation. Some individuals eschew this and aim towards a more natural lifestyle, but those are few and far between and viewed as outsiders in greater slyfthys society.


The slyfthys are on good terms with humanity, seeing us as kindred spirits on the same pursuit of technological perfection. With regards to The Council and the sidus-volucridae, relations are a little more strained. An individual slyfthys would rather have nothing to do with a volucridae if they can help it. The rest of the greater galaxy generally tolerates the slyfthys, and that's just fine with them.