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All artwork, designs, and stories copyright © 2018 Dawne Stantien. Feel free to contact me via email at Dawne.Stantien@gmail.com

Part Time Geometry Wizard

Dawne "Delta Hexagon" Stantien

So who is that wacky hexagon anyway, huh?

I'm Delta, of course! Or Dawne, either one works, and I love to draw monsters, aliens, sci fi, and fantasy.

I attended the Art Institute of Vancouver for a few years, did some freelancing, and found myself here: working fulltime as a locksmith with art on the side. While creating isn't my fulltime job, it still remains one of my biggest passions. I don't see myself stopping anytime soon.

My biggest inspirations come from space, science, video games, and horror media. The natural world is an endless source of amazement, and I want to tell the stories I see in the workings of the stars and between forgotten cracks. I currently have a few story ideas I'm working on, ranging from science fiction epics to slice of life comedies to horror and everything in between. It's a big dream of mine to one day have them all written out, for others to explore.

But what about this site? What is the Interspacial and what does it mean?

This is my attempt to share what I have in a catalogue of all the creatures, worlds, stories, and beyond that I've dreamed up in my short time on this planet. The Interspacial is the backdrop to everything that happens in my creations, from the smallest whispers to the largest galaxies.

I thought it would be fitting to theme my site after it.

I hope my journey is as fun for you as it is for me, and as always, shine bright, little star. Thank you for dropping by!

     - Dawne Stantien

While I don't actively accept commissions, I'm always interested in potential freelance work. I specialize in concept art, organic 3d modeling, and creative writing. My strengths lie primarily in creature and character design. You can use the form above, or shoot me an email at Dawne.Stantien@gmail.com